About Us

FogBugz is a tool created for developers by developers

We put developers and their productivity first.

FogBugz is a DevFactory company that was born in 2001 following Joel Spolsky ideals with a single goal in mind: to be a tool for developers that actually has their best interests at heart. It pioneered the market for bug tracking and project management, and then later with the addition of Kiln, which was groundbreaking in its innovations around version control.

FogBugz project management software

FogBugz keeps improving following a very specific philosophy: “Listen to your customers, not your competitors.”
Meaning we want to be the best tool for project management building new features that come from real needs.

A little history:FogBugz has been in the market for more than 20 years, being one of the first bug tracking tools. In November of 2017 FogBugz was rebranded to Manuscript, and used that name until October 2018, when it was rebranded back to FogBugz, in order to continue with Joel’s legacy and the original spirit of the brand. We’re happy to come back to our beloved kiwi, a representative image that’s been known for years and carries the hearts of the developers that had been using it since the beginning.

A project management tool is only useful if it helps you to get things done more efficiently.