Agile Project Management

Visually plan and manage projects with kanban boards

Built for Agile Teams

Iteration Planner - manage your projects in a visual way.
Customize workflows, case types, statuses and project structure to match your Agile and Scrum team needs.

focused on agile development teams
kanban board views

Kanban Board View

Provide visibility into upcoming tasks so you can continuously deliverEasy Backlog Management, all your features, bugs and issues will already be there to build your backlog.As well as providing expert advice and insights from two decades of studying how great software really gets built.

FogBugz gives you the resources you need to plan at the project, sprint, epic, user story, and task levels.

Use Milestones to highlight important dates in your development schedule for short-term goals like Sprints or long-term plans like Epics and major releases

scrum and kanban or scrumban methods support agile development

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integrated knowledge base wiki

Integrated Wiki

Integrated Wiki that makes collaboration easy. Share technical specs, design docs, knowledge base articles, marketing plans and more.

A project management tool is only useful if it helps get things done more efficienty.