Communicate and resolve internal and external customer problems via email

With FogBugz support
you can:

- manage and keep on top of large volumes of customer emails centrally
- efficiently handle issues between multiple departments, in particular support and development teams.
- reduce the volume of emails received
- handle multiple email boxes through FogBugz.

support desk
auto-sort email

Keep control of all emails

Intelligent auto-sorting of mail - triages incoming emails so that they go straight to the relevant team or member's inbox.Set due dates (automatically) to ensure customers are updated in a timely manner.
- emails become cases, which you can treat like any other: prioritize it, assign it, track it, and of course, reply to it.
- set up support mail so that customer emails go straight to the relevant team or member’s inbox.
- set due dates automatically, ensuring your customers receive timely responses.

Issue Tracking Desk

Issue Desk in FogBugz provides help desk and issue tracking that enables you to manage emails and track issues across multiple customers and departments.

Unlike support software, both development and support teams can collaborate on, and resolve, customer issues in a single tool.

issue tracking included

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organized support


Organize similar problems together so you can understand how many customers are affected by each issue. Create a knowledge base about your product, with FAQs and Community User Groups to batch specific customer resources together.